2 October 2017

HWO & HWOS Final Painted Samples

We have recently received the fully painted and decorated samples of the HWO and HWOS wagon. The samples have been approved, and we would like to share some photos of the sample models with you.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the project has run beyond the original time frame we envisaged and therefore we now expect the models to be delivered late this year. However, after viewing the sample model photos we are sure that you will agree that the models are worth waiting for.

Our next update will be to advise that the pre-order pricing is coming to an end.

We would like to thank all of those who have supported us thus far.

The CGL Team.



12 May 2017

HWO Final Tooling Samples

CGL Models proudly unveiled the HWO Open wagon samples for the first time at the Brisbane Model Train Show last weekend. The models that were on display at Brisbane are the final tooling samples and are fully representative of the details that will be on the production model.

Two previously unannounced detail features of the model were also unveiled at the show. These are:-

1. Raised lettering on the bogie side frames.

2. Wood grain detail on the wagon floor panels and insides of the wagon ends.

Tooling has been completed on this project, and the artwork for the individual models in each pack finished. We are expecting the fully painted and pad printed samples from our factory very soon, and once these are approved, the production run of the models will be commenced.


26 April 2017

Welcome to CGL Models

Queensland's newest manufacturer of ready to run HOn3½ and HO scale models of prototype Queensland rollingstock.


Who is CGL Models?

CGL Models Pty Ltd was formed in 2016 by Directors Carl Millington, Graham Nicolson and Lincoln Driver.


What are we doing?

We intend to produce highly detailed, accurate Ready to Run models of rollingstock that has operated in Queensland. Our models will cover a wide range of rollingstock from various periods. Where possible, models will be produced in both 12mm and 16.5mm gauges.


When are we doing it?

As we aim to produce highly detailed and accurate models, development of each model will be a long process. Models may take many months to years to produce. We will not compromise on quality. Queensland modellers can be reassured that when you purchase one of our products, it will be an accurate replica of the original prototype.


Our first model:

Our first project, which has been in development for some time, is the HWO/HWOS Open Wagon. The HWO/HWOS is the first mass produced RTR open wagon for the Queensland Modeller. The HWO wagon has seen service over most of the railway network of Queensland from the late 1970's to the late 2000's.

The HWO's were first built with pressed steel doors and during their service life were modified to have box section fabricated doors fitted. We have elected to produce the latter fabricated door version, which covers about two thirds of their service life.

Production will be commencing with our factory very soon. Delivery is expected during the second half of 2017. Samples will be on display in our display case as part of our presence at the Queensland Scale Models stand at Brisbane Model Train Show on the 6th & 7th of May 2017. We encourage you to visit us at the Brisbane Model Train Show to view these samples. We are sure that you will be very impressed with the level of detail that has gone into these models.

See the HWO page of our website for more details of the HWO project.




We are more than happy to hear from fellow modellers with your comments and suggestions. Our contact details are available from the Contact Us page.



ABN 75 616 140 740